Deputy Director

Zoran Misic

Deputy Director of the Office for Information Technologies and eGovernment


Zoran Misic graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, Department of Information Technologies. He has 29 years of professional experience in Telekom and the Post of Serbia, with 20 years of managerial experience, which he gained by working  in the following positions – eng. designer, independent eng. designer, senior eng. designer, Head of the Service for the Development of Applicative Software, Director of the Sector for the Development of Applicative Software, and Deputy Director of the Information Technologies Function.


He developed and managed the development of significant projects and information systems in the areas of telecommunications, information systems of the Post of Serbia and information systems of the state administration, some of which include: Telekom Landline Telephony Biling System, Paging System of Serbia, Mobtel Billing System for NMT and GSM systems, Problem solving in 2000 for the entire information system of Telekom, the Post of Serbia and significant parts of the information system of Mobtel, development and implementation of the completely new postal technology and information system, implementation of the SAP information system in the Post of Serbia, development and implementation of the Payment System of the Post of Serbia, the new Billing and CRM system for PostNet, development and establishment of a central system of electronic registers, registration of citizens for free shares and trading in securities, and registration of citizens in the process of applying for restitution.


He is the author of several dozen expert-scientific papers in the field of information and communication technologies and eBusiness, presented at leading domestic and international conferences.


Married, father of three sons.