Digitalizing public administration

With the Fourth Industrial, i.e. Digital Revolution, we have a chance to make up for lagging behind and catch up with more developed countries. This technological revolution will fundamentally change our lives, it is inevitable and unstoppable. Only winning societies choose to welcome changes, they do not averse from them. The digitization process will enhance the standard and quality of life for hundreds of thousands of Serbian citizens. Efficiency will be increased, costs will be reduced and new value will be created in almost all areas of life and work. The digitization process is the most important catalyst of innovations, competitiveness and growth.


The Office for IT and eGovernment has established the infrastructure - RS-GOV TSA - for issuing time stamps for the needs of state authorities, local self-government bodies and public services of the Republic of Serbia.


The Office is registered in the Register of Time Stamp Issuers in the Republic of Serbia. Third-party services related to verification of issued time stamps and access to public information on the work of the time stamp issuer are free of charge and available to all interested parties in accordance with the rights and obligations set forth in the RS-GOV TSA policy for issuing the time stamps.


RS-GOV TSA issues timestamps that, according to the Regulations on issuing time stamps, contain a clearly visible date and time of the time stamp formation, as well as the identification of the time stamp issuer.


In order for a particular state body, local self-government or public service authority to use the RS-GOV TSA service, it shall be necessary for them to submit a request on the eGovernment Portal. Also, the request must be sent by regular mail (signed and certified by the responsible person) to the following address: Government of the Republic of Serbia, Office for Information Technologies and eGovernment, Nemanjina 11, 11000 Belgrade.