Internet services

Digitalizing public administration

With the Fourth Industrial, i.e. Digital Revolution, we have a chance to make up for lagging behind and catch up with more developed countries. This technological revolution will fundamentally change our lives, it is inevitable and unstoppable. Only winning societies choose to welcome changes, they do not averse from them. The digitization process will enhance the standard and quality of life for hundreds of thousands of Serbian citizens. Efficiency will be increased, costs will be reduced and new value will be created in almost all areas of life and work. The digitization process is the most important catalyst of innovations, competitiveness and growth.


Internet domains

The Office for IT and eGovernment performs registration of the domains for state administration bodies and judicial authorities ( / упр.срб,, Office servers have registered over 650 domains and over 80 Cyrillic domains упр.срб. Also, more than 250 domains and 40 domains have been registered.


The domains “” are intended for registration of Internet domains of state administration bodies. The domains “суд.срб” and “јт.срб” are intended for registration of Internet domains of judicial authorities. Registration of Internet domains is free of charge and is possible exclusively at the request of the state administration body or the judicial authority, addressed to the Office for IT and eGovernment.


The use of these domains is permitted only for official tasks of the state administration bodies and judicial authorities that have registered the domain.



As one of the services of the Internet service provided to the state administration bodies, the Office has developed a unique software solution for the e-mail hosting system for which it was awarded with the international award Diskobolos . The Office also offers delegation of e-mail administration to individual state bodies.


Daily, over 50,000 messages pass through the system. The number of active e-mail accounts is around 11,000. Currently, around 10,000 employees in state administration bodies use the e-mail service and the numbers are constantly growing.


Web hosting and security of Internet presentations

The Office provides a web hosting service and protection of Internet presentations for state authorities. About 100 Internet presentations of state administration bodies and judicial authorities are currently hosted on the Office's web servers.